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Myrna B. Gale
Myrna B. Gale

Myrna B. Gale

Myrna B. Gale is a published author and has served in the legal environment for nearly three decades.  She has utilized her research expertise to assist many people in their efforts to work through the complex and often confusing legal system.

After joining Kilpatrick Townsend Law firm, in Atlanta, Ms. Gale gave the support needed to provide those in need with information on how to understand the legal system.  Her desire to increase the average mans knowledge of the law was the driving force that led Ms. Gale to write “Legal Remedies: How to Prepare Yourself for Legal Issues with or without a Lawyer”.

After retiring from the corporate legal profession, Ms. Gale became an investor and entrepreneur. An executive and board member of Lil Traveler’s Inc., she was successful in launching an airport concession for children in Orlando International Airport in Florida.

She now serves as the Founder and CEO for 3G Publishing, Inc. a specialty boutique publishing house with its main headquarters located in Georgia. Ms. Gale’s love for children inspired her to launch the publishing company that initially commenced with a focus on children in 2009, now serving individuals of all ages.

Since 2010 with unprecedented success her operations have expanded to include the growing need for positive and inspirational adult authors. The company’s publications are nationally and internationally distributed, and she continues to work in developing the dreams and inspirations of authors of all ages.

In 2012, Ms. Gale developed a Creative Writing Program that is currently being used by schools in the Gwinnett County area, as well as senior living homes and church organizations.

Ms. Gale is currently speaking at conferences that are focused on the development and enhancement of new entrepreneurs, by sharing both her expertise in the entrepreneurial environment, as well as in the self-publishing arena. Ms. Gale currently holds a patent in the paper product industry, and shares her knowledge and experience with individuals seeking help in getting their products patented.

In 2015, Ms. Gale developed a program which allows nonprofit organizations to use a collaborative works by the participants in developing a publication. This publication is later used by the organization to enhance their fundraising abilities. Ms. Gale does this at no cost to the nonprofit organization that desires to participate. Twelve nonprofit organizations are chosen each year.

In 2015, Ms. Gale was celebrated by PLUS Model Magazine as one of the women who inspire and live their lives passionately, and who are experts in their field, and leave no stone unturned for the betterment of their communities.

In 2017 Ms. Gale was awarded a contract with the City of Atlanta Parks & Recreations Afterschool Program, where she is currently teaching hundreds of children the art of creative writing. Her success with this program has been impressive with six pocket size publications, one for each center that participated.

Ms. Gale’s desire is to reach children from all over the world, and introduce them to the art of writing, which will ultimately lead them to a positive place of confidence and growth.