The DPA Awards

The mission: To recognize, honor and appreciate individuals in diverse areas of expertise, from the medical and legal professions to business and community leaders, business executives and entrepreneurs.  The goal is to take a moment away from the daily grind and recognize those striving for excellence in their chosen fields.

Nationally renowned and award winning CBS-46 Anchor Shon Gables will host the Diverse Professional Achievement Awards taking place at the Atlanta Marriott-Marquis on October 27, 2018.  Ms. Gables is just one of many recognizable names scheduled to appear and take part in this celebration of excellence.  An evening that is all about recognizing the need to provide appropriate recognition for outstanding accomplishments to business and community leaders from Diversified Professions.

Awards Date
Special Guests
Shon Gables - CBS 46
Shon Gables - CBS 46Host
Chandra Currelley
Chandra CurrelleyLive Entertainment
Terri Matthews
Terri MatthewsSpecial Guest
2018 Honorees
Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover
Dr. Glenda Baskin GloverHonoree
Nyssa Green
Nyssa GreenHonoree
Usher’s New Look
Usher’s New LookHonoree
Amy Reese
Amy ReeseHonoree
Monica R. Richardson
Monica R. Richardson Honoree
 Bernie Lawrence-Watkins, Esq.
Bernie Lawrence-Watkins, Esq.Honoree
Jeff Dickerson
Jeff DickersonHonoree
Laurie Reid
Laurie ReidHonoree
Ron Edenfield
Ron EdenfieldHonoree
David Carnegie
David CarnegieHonoree
Quinnie Jenkins
Quinnie Jenkins Honoree
Brenda Joy (B.J.) Bernstein
Brenda Joy (B.J.) BernsteinHonoree
Quincy L. A. Springs, IV
Quincy L. A. Springs, IV Honoree
Cassius F. Butts
Cassius F. ButtsHonoree
Mark Galvin
Mark GalvinHonoree
Anthony C. Aiken, Sr.
Anthony C. Aiken, Sr.Honoree
Dedreial Jackson
Dedreial JacksonHonoree
Sigma Omega Omega Chapter
Sigma Omega Omega ChapterHonoree
Asher Kemp Jr
Asher Kemp JrHonoree
Candace V. Mitchell
Candace V. MitchellHonoree
Tiffany Cochran Edwards
Tiffany Cochran EdwardsHonoree
Tenisha Taylor Bell
Tenisha Taylor BellHonoree
Nzinga Shaw
Nzinga ShawHonoree
Damācia Howard
Damācia HowardHonoree
Leonard L. Adams, Jr.
Leonard L. Adams, Jr.Honoree
Kenneth Reaves, Ph.D.
Kenneth Reaves, Ph.D.Honoree
Brian D. Poe, Esq.
Brian D. Poe, Esq.Honoree
Stacey Lee
Stacey Lee Honoree
Myrna B. Gale
Myrna B. GaleHonoree
Jill Goodrich
Jill GoodrichHonoree
Melvin M. Coleman
Melvin M. ColemanHonoree
Tracie Howard
Tracie HowardHonoree
Julie Menhart
Julie MenhartHonoree

The Details

Our DPA Awards Gala recognizes over one thousand individuals of Diverse Professions, with more than 5,000 Business and Community leaders invited to one event. This event is a Formal Black Tie event, with elegance, professionalism, class, and sophistication. Attendees receive a full course meal, gift bags for all VIP Ticket Holders, live entertainment and a complimentary program booklet that will list all the Sponsors, Attendees, Exhibitors, and businesses that place an ad in the program booklet.

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